Headusa: The Official Blowjob Handbook VOLUME 2 AND VIDEO TUTORIALS Bundle

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This is Volume 2 of The Official Blowjob Handbook Series. This Volume was written to build upon & go more in depth on The Body Aspect of The Mind, Body, Spirit Sections from Volume 1. 

Volume 2 is specifically centered around 5 of My Top, Exclusive Dick Sucking Techniques & 3 of My Mind-Blowing Finishing Moves. Each is broken down into different parts & movements for you to fully embrace & put them to use during your next sessions!

TUTORIALS: Included there are a total of 8 Video Tutorials demonstrating all 5 Dick Sucking Techniques as well as all 3 Finishing Moves. You will have instant access to download all 8 Video Tutorials and are able to begin immediately watching them.

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